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Italy – Liceo Scientifico Statale Claudio CavalleriLiceo

Our school is located in the centre of Parabiago, in a quite big park. It has got about 750 students from the age of 14/15 to 18/19, 73 teachers, 18 members of the office staff, 2 managers. Students can choose among four different courses: Liceo Scientifico Tradizionale: The traditional course is suitable for those students interested not only in maths or scientific subjects but also willing to have a good general preparation. They have more classes in maths and physics, from the first two years, combined with experiences in labs. Liceo delle Scienze Applicate: it is suitable for students interested in sciences, biology, chemistry, computer sciences and maths. It is an innovated program of studies characterised by an increased number of weekly classes of maths and computer sciences, laboratories chemistry, biology, physics. Liceo Linguistico: it is suitable for those students interested in languages. You can choose among four different European languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Liceo delle Scienze Umane: it is suitable for those students interested in psychology and pedagogy. It is a new course and it will be opened next year.

Our school takes its name from Don Claudio and Don Carlo Filippo Cavalleri, two brothers and priests who worked very hard succeded in realising the project and later the building of the Cavalleri College in March 1700. The college became soon a great cultural centre and, for over a century, it was a meeting place for noble families of Milan. There have been many students that became quite distinguished in every subject and gave a strong impulse to the growth of Parabiago.

We are lucky because our school is situated in a very big park with a lot of trees and flowers. Inside the building there are several classrooms as well as two computer labs, a chemistry lab, a biology lab, a physics lab, a languages lab, 4 gyms, a drama club, football, rugby grounds, volley and basket courts. Students have the possibility to join several sport group activities. Football, volley, basket, beach volley, rugby, athletics and many other sports are practised. There are a lot of internal as well as external sport competitions. Some students take part in regional or sometimes national championship. There is also an International Volley competition.

A school year lasts 200 days about and it is divided in 2 terms. It usually starts on 10th September and is over on 6th June but during the school year there are some holidays on special occasions (Christmas, Easter, Carnival etc.).
Classes are everyday from 08.10 till 02.05 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. We have 55 or 50 minutes classes. There two breaks during which smokers go out in the park since in the school smoking is not allowed inside and outside the building. Students normally go home for lunch since we haven’t got a canteen. In the afternoon there are only optional or club activities (music, sports, European projects, drama…..).

During the school year students have oral and written tests in all the subjects. They are given a report at the end of each term. All the courses last five years and there is only one final state exam at the end of the fifth year. It consists in three written and one oral tests. It is a state exam, it means that it is the same all over Italy. It usually takes place at the end of June and the students get a final diploma.

Spain, IES Bendinat

The IES Bendinat located in the municipality of Calvia, opened its doors in September 2002. It had about 300 students spread across four years of secondary school. From then on it has been growing in students and teachers to reach hundreds of teachers and thousands of students enrolled in high school courses also Nature and Health Sciences and the Humanities and Social Sciences and Driving vocational training activities sport and physical in nature.The IES Bendinat is characterized also by its collaboration with various social and cultural institutions of the environment and of Palma and its interest in participating in art events.

Finally, for the fact of being located in a prime tourist is a good example of harmony and coexistence of different languages and cultures that make up the municipality.

Sweden, Atheneskolan

Athene school is an independent primary and lower secondary school (ages 6-16) in Visby, Gotland, with a sister primary school in the small village of Fardhem (ages 6-13). We are a private school with high ambitions for today’s quality-conscious parents and students.

Our education rests on the arts, which we believe are inherent in each individual. The opportunity to create increases our students’ ability to see and understand the world around them. Dance and fencing are the physical artforms that all of our students practice. Spanish is the foreign language chosen for all students between 6 and 16 years of age. At Athene school, Fardhem, students are offered dance, fencing and Spanish from the age of 10.